I’ve created this site to show my collection as well as to bring more awareness to the foreign comic book collecting hobby. Although my collection is not enormous, it has taken a lot of dedication to secure the different issues. If you like collecting comic books or simply objects from around the world, I invite you to try this hobby. I find it personally rewarding as, through this hobby, I’ve met countless friends from around the world. Moreover, it feels like you are rescuing a piece of history. I hope that you have fun exploring my site!

Comic Book of the Month

This month, I chose to showcase this comic book as I believe it's one of the rarest Conan The Barbarian #1 covers out there. It comes from Colombia and the publishing house is El Dorado. From what I've researched, it was a very small publisher with an almost fly-by-night operation.  If you see one, do not hesitate to pick it up!






The Amazing Spider-man #14

The Amazing Spider-man #129

The Amazing Spider-man #238

The Amazing Spider-man #300

The Amazing Spider-man #361

The Incredible Hulk #181

Uncanny x-men #101


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